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The difference from one fabric to another rests in the appearance, the touch, the draping and its content. There are many factors that influence the result of the final garment and the perfection and production of fabrics. We know the importance of our senses being in harmony with what we create, and at the same time, with the environment. Based on our convictions, we respect the environment to preserve the life of nature and society, while maintaining perfect manufacturing down to the smallest detail.


Our collection is comprised of woven fabrics for garments worn by the sophisticated and modern woman. Our collection includes fancy fabrics, Jacquard, classic compositions with fine fibers as well as organic fibers and including recycled synthetic or artificial fibers in order to create a contemporary and current look.

We believe in the importance of colors and we care for them down to the smallest detail. The finishing of the fabrics are novel and special, we use the most innovative techniques and processes in our dyeing and finishing plant to bring out the best in each unique fabric.