About | Dobert Textil Group


Our history begins over 53 years ago with a tradition perfected and passed from generation to generation, which continues to believe in the concept of the industry, the European Textiles and continues to bring people together.

We are artisans of our time, masters of innovation, passionate about creativity applied to the world of textiles. With more than 150 professionals, located in Barcelona, we offer a wide service nationally and internationally while ensuring that, wherever, the service is always excellent.

Therefore, we offer a wide portfolio based on quality and trust, thanks to the application of the latest technologies, years of experience and expertise.


National and International brands share our vision to perfect the trends and offer differentiation to their customers, and that is why they take such close care of the details. Designing and producing fabrics is an art and, as such, it is valued by our customers who are successful brands that offer, in turn, the best quality to their final consumer.


Our objective is to share our passion for the art of the textile industry with brands and companies all over the world.

There “material” factors that make the production process perfect, but at Dobert we firmly believe in the intangible factors, such as creativity, care and love for what we do: Create fabrics that thrill.